Our Science & Technology

Our vision at MALCOVA is to generate a paradigm shift in the breast cancer radiology market through the introduction of imaging device and software solutions that solve the needs of the patient as well as the clinician. 

Our current projects are aimed at advancing this  vision through the development of...

"Scatter Free" 3-D breast imaging

Scatter contamination is a known problem in Computed Tomography (CT) imaging. Previous efforts to employ conventional CT for breast cancer imaging have failed in large part because of the low image quality that results from scatter contamination.

MALCOVA's research, reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals, was the first to demonstrate how significant the problem of scatter contamination is in CT-based breast imaging. This revelation led to our development of an entirely new form of breast imaging technology that is nearly free of scatter contamination, paving the way for a new breast cancer imaging solution the overcomes the limitations of standard-of-care devices in clinical use today.

MALCOVA's patented, CT-based imaging technology uniquely enables high quality, three-dimensional imaging and the detection of tiny traces of cancer at safe levels of patient exposure.

Comparison across different breast diameters

Anthropomorphic Breast Phantoms

Current breast cancer research utilizes overly simplistic phantoms that do not adequately replicate the anatomy of the human breast. These phantoms are used for performance assessment and quality control in breast cancer technologies, among other functions. 

MALCOVA is developing truly anthropomorphic breast phantoms, based upon actual breast cancer patient images and anatomy.

SDNR and Gain calculations across comparative breast-CT systems

Scientific Publications

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