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Our long term vision at MALCOVA is to move breast cancer radiology towards patient-specific imaging. Too often in patient care, technology and practice relies on the "average" patient, rather than the specific patient. To change this, it is necessary to design tools that are able to accommodate and treat individuals - unique in their anatomy and their healthcare needs.

Our current projects are aimed at advancing this long term vision through development of novel, x-ray based imaging systems, anthropomorphic breast phantoms, and interfaces that are truly effective for the health care practitioner.

"Scatter Free" tomographic breast imaging

Our research, reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has demonstrated that scattered radiation has a detrimental impact on breast computed tomography (CT) images. 

We have designed and prototyped a scatter-free tomographic breast imaging system that will deliver significant improvements in the visibility of microcalcifications  (tiny calcium deposits that cue radiologists to early-stage cancers) while significantly reducing radiation dose exposure to the patient.

Comparison across different breast diameters

Anthropomorphic Breast Phantoms

Current breast cancer research utilizes overly simplistic phantoms that do not adequately replicate the anatomy of the human breast. These phantoms are used for performance assessment and quality control in breast cancer technologies, among other functions. 

We are developing anthropomorphic breast phantoms, based upon actual breast cancer patient images and anatomy.

SDNR and Gain calculations across comparative breast-CT systems